Kate wins CrayPot Raffle

Kate wins CrayPot Raffle

Congratulations to Kate Winne, Team Manager of Belfast Bikers on winning the CrayPot Raffle.

The craypot is locally made by Ross Ferrier of the fishing boat "Putty's Pride". Ross donated the pot to put back into the Port Fairy community which supports him whilst in port from his home base of Apollo Bay.

Thanks to Ross for his generosity.


Craypot image: CSIRO [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

30th Anniversary dinner postponed

THIS EVENT IS NOW POSTPONED…due to several other events clashing and many using the weekend as a long weekend with ANZAC Day being on Monday.

A new date will be advised in due course … 

Please accept our sincere regrets for any inconveniences caused.

Ticket holders will be contacted personally 

For more information contact: Kate 0419 587 238 Hester 0438 681 307

Dinner to celebrate Woody's M2M 30th anniversary

Dinner to celebrate Woody's M2M 30th anniversary

Honouring all those who have been part of this fantastic fundraising event over the last 30 years - riders, support team members, volunteers, family & friends.
All welcome.

Date: SATURDAY 23 April 
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: The Victoria Hotel, 42 Bank Street, PORT FAIRY

For online bookings >


Contact Details:
Kate Winnen 0419 587 238

2016 M2M Award winners

2016 M2M Award winners

2016 Woody’s Memorial Award Winners

  • Mary McGowan
    Team Manager, Cytotoxic Cyclists riding for Children’s Cancer Foundation
  • Winston Silbereisen,
    Support Crew Manager, Daylesford Wheelsuckers riding for Hepburn Health Service

O2 Media, WIN Network and First State Super Awards in recognition of the exceptional behaviour as the Safest and Most Courteous Team on each route were:

  • Echuca – Devondalers from Koroit
  • Swan Hill – Lorne Spinners
  • Mildura – Scrubbers & the Gasman from Warrnambool

Rapid Relief Team Award for the overall outstanding Support Crew on the 2016 M2M Ride was awarded to Casterton Memorial Hospital


Photo: Hester Woodrup presents Mary McGowan with her award


M2M gears up for new future

M2M gears up for new future

The iconic Murray to Moyne Cycling Relay is gearing up for a new and more independent future.

As it makes final preparations for the 30th annual relay, the management team is establishing a new management structure to steer the event forward.

Moyne Health Services Board chair Ralph Leutton said that since its inception, the event had been run under the auspices of Moyne Health Services.

There were now plans for the committee to incorporate under its own entity to ensure the future viability of one of Victoria’s most popular cycling events.

“Over the years, Murray to Moyne has become a much bigger and more complex beast,” Mr Leutton said.

“It really needs the expertise and the focus of a professional organisation to oversee things.”

Mr Leutton said that whilst Moyne Health Services was and would continue to be a proud supporter of the event, its core business was providing health services to its communities.

“We’re great at delivering quality health care, but we’re not event managers with the skills and expertise to plan and deliver an event of this calibre.”

Mr Leutton acknowledged the value of Murray to Moyne as an important fundraiser, not only for Moyne Health Services, but for other health services across Victoria.

“During its 30 years, Murray to Moyne has raised in the order of $30 million for regional health services – that’s an extraordinary achievement.”

Murray to Moyne Committee Chair John Clue said his colleagues and the many volunteers behind the event were excited about this year’s 30th anniversary ride and its future directions.

“This year, we see many teams returning to the event to join the 30th celebrations,” Mr Clue said.

“The event has provided the opportunity for both large and small health service organisations to raise much-needed funds and contribute to the wellbeing of many people who have undertaken the challenge either as a rider or part of the support teams.”

‘Woody’s’ Murray to Moyne was established 30 years ago when Port Fairy local, Hester Woodrup, challenged her husband, Graham ‘Woody’ Woodrup and other local identities to ride in relay from the Murray River in Mildura to the Moyne River in Port Fairy.

The first ride raised $10,000 for the Port Fairy hospital.

Today, the event raises around $1 million annually, attracting more than 1000 riders from 150 organisations to raise funds for hospitals and health services.

Mr Clue said the new management structure would enable the organising committee to operate as an incorporated body.

He praised the hard work of the existing committee, noting that a meeting would be held in the coming months to outline the new structure and provide opportunity for community members to join the new management team.

“We acknowledge the assistance of Moyne Health Services in securing the requirements needed for the event, and hope Murray to Moyne will move from strength to strength into the future,” Mr Clue said.


Media contact:

John Clue
Murray to Moyne Committee Chair
Mo: 0403 447 646

Company supports Team TR to ride M2M

Company supports Team TR to ride M2M
Team TR has been riding the Murray to Moyne Cycle ride since the year 2000 – that makes a total of 16 years this year.  
In this time we have lost one of our members “Russell Patrick” the engineer who created our wonderful Bike Rack.  We thought of not riding the year he was killed but all his friends said that he would have wanted us to ride in his memory, which of course we did.  
Team TR originated from the Tech Rentals Company (rentals of test and measurement equipment since 1978 and is now known as TR Pty Ltd which has three main divisions with 
offices Australia wide: 
  1. Tech Rentals – Test & measurement equipment rentals – 
  2. TR Hirecom – Communications equipment rentals and 
  3. TR Calibration – NATA & traceable calibration of test & measurement equipment.  
We originally rode as team 210 and wore yellow and red colours. Our riders consisted mostly of staff in the Company as well as some of our customers.  We then found our numbers were dwindling so the Cadbury team joined forces with us and we rode in the blue 
and red colours.
We now ride in our new company colours of blue and white and we are back to staff members, some customers and also family. i.e. Joan Carter (mum) Danny Carter (son) and Hayden Benwell (grandson) – How good is that!!  This epitomises what Woody was all about!!
The CEO of our Company has encouraged staff members interested in riding by offering to pay for their entry into the Murray to Moyne each year.  The Company also covers cost of petrol and food and transport support which has been invaluable.  Our staff fundraising over these years has reached over $50,000 and the Eastern Health hospitals have been extremely grateful and supportive of our efforts.
The Murray to Moyne volunteers over these years have been excellent.  This event could not 
happen without them – thank you to you all.

Rotary Revolution spins for 20th year

Rotary Revolution spins for 20th year

Many Rotary Clubs sponsor cycling teams or cycling events and, increasingly, even organise events as fundraisers.  Few clubs can boast of having their own team of club member riders who have ridden as a team for close on 20 years. In the process this has involved, at various times, about 30% of the current members of the Rotary Club. Meet the Irymple “Rotary Revolution” Bike Riding Team! 

It all started in 1997 when one of our club Rotarians suggested we participate in the “Murray to Moyne.”  It would be good to get Rotary away from being seen the “old sedentary men and their fathers” club. So in 1997 we started the legend…and this year the team participates in its 20th consecutive Murray to Moyne event; in the process raising over $60,000 for health related (mainly) local charities.

But we didn’t stop at that...in 1999 another relay ride commenced...from Mildura to Echuca...400 kms. The team jumped at this opportunity also and have participated in every event since. We also participate in any local riding events. 

In fact, such has the “active” team image grown that we have participated as a team in other non-riding events as well...the MS 24 hour Swim-a-thon, the Relay for Life walk and local community triathlons. In 2013 we decided to emulate an event put on by a number of Rotary Districts and ride (all the way) to our Annual Rotary District Conference...that year 5 members rode to Warrnambool over 500 kms, the next year it was Ballarat 440 kms, this year Renmark…and so it goes...each year taking about $1,000 for Australian Rotary Health.

The club has had many stalwarts...the current team coordinator riding in his 20th event this year, three others have participated in at least 14 events and let's not forget the bus driver who is up for more than 10 events.

Lets face it, we are not elite riders…with an average age of about 60+, we are a little on the slow side by comparison to the “30 to 40 something” lycra clad warrior.

We still train every Sunday morning with a ride of between 45 and 60 kms and we have participated in other local events and out-of-town social rides on hybrids and mountain bikes. 

In 2011, eight members of the team rode all the way from Mildura to Adelaide to celebrate the 65th birthday of one of its founding members. In earlier years we swapped our road bikes for mountain bikes and rode from Broken Hill to Mildura via Menindee and Pooncarrie, we also rode the Mountains to the Murray (Bright/Beechworth to Wangaratta) and East Gippsland Rail Trails! One member even joined the “Great Australian Rotary Bicycle Ride” in 2009 and rode the 4000 km from Darwin to Perth.

Some team members are now ageing (well…of course, like quality wine) but hopefully there will always be an influx of new blood and new enthusiasm so that the team will continue to be an inspiration to all men and women of all ages for another 20 years! Rotary Revolution just keeps on going!

Photo: Irymple “Rotary Revolution” Bike Riding Team 

cohealth comotion rides for Arts Generator

cohealth comotion rides for Arts Generator
cohealth is one of the largest community health organisations in Australia, servicing a broad area of high growth communities across Melbourne’s northern, western and inner suburbs.
Built on the values, reputations and expertise of three respected organisations, cohealth provides quality services across mental health, oral health, family violence, alcohol and other drugs, aged care, medical and integrated health services.
cohealth came into being in May 2014, from the merger of three founding community health organisations. With over 900 staff across 44 sites, we saw Murray to Moyne as: 
  • a great way to connect people with each other, 
  • to fundraise for Arts Generator, which is part of our organisation that receives very little funding, and does fabulous work with marginalised communities using art as a vehicle for connection, meaning and purpose, something we all strive for, and
  • an opportunity to get fit and have fun together.
So, how did we go against our objectives in our inaugural year of cohealth’s “birth” and our participation in the 2015 Murray to Moyne?
  • 13 team members from 10 different program areas and sites
  • we designed our team jersey, using original Indigenous art from Wellness Dreaming, a tryptich created by Indigenous artist, Ngardarb Riches, for the birth of cohealth
  • over $11, 000 raised to support young African Australians connect with the wider community and each other in a positive way
  • we clocked up over 30,000 kms in team preparation, getting fit, having fun, and learning new skills in the process
  • cohealth commotion were awarded “the most courteous and safe support crew”
  • we are back in 2016, with a bigger team and a bigger commitment to raise funds for Arts Generator.

Photo: The 2015 cohealth team at the finishing line in Port Fairy with local MP, Dan Tehan.

Portland Aluminium Cycling Team does it for their hospital

Portland Aluminium Cycling Team does it for their hospital
The two Brians were responsible for getting this team off the ground in 1989, Brian Lineker and Brian Pfeiffer.
Woody was alive and participating as we participated in each ride from that date until and including 2014. With some different riders, as well as support and with some long termers.
The Portland Aluminium Cycling Team was formed by a mixture of employees from Portland Aluminium to raise funds for the Portland & District Hospital.
In 2003 the Portland Aluminium Cycling Team started from Swan Hill and raised, through the 
support of its major sponsors and donations, five thousand ($5000) dollars that was donated 
to the Portland & District Hospital at a presentation at Portland Aluminium to which all were 
welcomed to send a representative.
As a thank you to all our sponsors we presented them with a framed picture with some words of appreciation of their support which had a picture of the team and listed all the members for that year.
2004 saw some changes:
•  New red riding “silks” 
•  Start was from Echuca – 2005 Mildura 
•  Raffle run to raise funds.
•  Collection tins placed in local businesses
•  Team make-up/members changed
•  Trailer was overhauled – paint, lights, lay out, etc
•  Discussion possibility of taking part in more events as in the past with the “Bay In A Day”
2004 marked the sixteenth consecutive year that the Portland Aluminium Cycling Team participated in the event.
Since 2004 the team became a bit more consolidated with most people joining in some of 
the regular training rides, the support team also became consistent with the main stays being Mike Leech, Det Sonnenschmidt and Geoff Trezise.
All monies raise going to Portland and District Health, there was always great camaraderie 
and support with a lot of fun and hi jinks thrown in along the way.  
None of this happens without sponsors – Portland Aluminium, Keppel Prince Engineering, Sharp Airlines and all the individual sponsors and donors.

Dog Devo helps Hypoactive raise money for type 1 diabetes

Dog Devo helps Hypoactive raise money for type 1 diabetes

Our motivation to ride the Murray to Moyne is our health and fitness, we face more challenges than most, we are the only all type 1 diabetic team in the event.

Our riders have strict timelines to test our blood sugars and make sure we are at safe levels to ride. If our levels are too low then we must eat sugar, usually lollies to bring our levels back into normal range. We must ensure we are fuelled to take on such a long ride so we do eat a fair bit of food on the bus while we are waiting to go back out on the road. Exercise is a challenge to anyone but you add type 1 to the mix it makes it that more interesting.

We raise funds for  type 1 diabetic kids camps, these camps are invaluable to help them with management of this disease and feel like they are accepted in everyday life. Type 1 diabetes can make you feel isolated and some children feel ashamed of the daily regime of blood tests and insulin injections.

We have been participating in the Murray to Moyne for 12 years and originally started with a small number of riders and crew, now we have 14 riders, 4 drivers and 2 support crew and if you are not a type 1 diabetic you cannot enter our team. Our team Hypoactive is a regular meet up group of active type 1 diabetics that meet up once a month to ride, run, walk and chat to other type 1s

We have had over the last few years a tandem rider crew. One of the riders is legally blind due to long term diabetes complications. They always dress up for the first night ride, in the last few years the boys have dressed up as a bride and groom, Disney characters and other strange outfits.

We have a hypo aware dog come along with us, one of our drivers is a truck driver and she keeps the dog Devo by her side on the truck and alerts her when her sugar levels are low, the poor dog does get confused keeping 20 diabetics in check. 

Moovers – it's not all about the bike

Moovers – it's not all about the bike

The South Gippsland Hospital riders have been somewhat of a late-comer to the Murray to Moyne.  We formed our first team in 2012 and this will be our fifth successive year in the event, now under our new team name "The Moovers".

Our first year highlighted our inexperience and was rather unruly – we had one of the biggest teams In the event divided up into three riding groups: The A’s, The B’s and the Bakery Bus.  All up we totalled 33 and we all got to know the rear follow-car quite well.

Over the years since we have learnt the ropes and refined our team but are pleased to say we still have a wide array of riders and support crew. Our team consists of the Hospital CEO, doctors, nurses, allied health staff, catering staff, environmental staff, staff partners and relatives and one who has been a charismatic patient.

Over our five years of training for the Murray to Moyne, we have had good times and bad. We had one of our team members pass away on a training ride, several who discovered they had substantial medical issues, one crash resulting in a broken shoulder and one seriously injured when hit by a car.  

We all carry the spirit of everyone who has been involved. We have had times when we have lacked incentive and wondered if it was all worth it. But with a bit of team spirit, some words of motivation and an organised ride we always find ourselves back on the bikes. Overall, we love the M2M event.  It has brought our diverse staff together for one common goal, given us the opportunity to raise funds for our fabulous local hospital and enabled the majority of us who are over 50 to keep fit and active.

Over the past five years funds raised have gone towards the Hospital’s Solar Panel Project, Health Programs, Medical Equipment and this year we aim to refurbish the Patient Lounge.

Not many of our team were dedicated cyclists beforehand; in fact many had not ridden a bike since childhood. But we now train and ride regularly and have formed new friendships through cycling.  It has been life changing on many levels for most of us.

The team philosophy is “It's not all about the bike, it is about being part of the team.”  It is about joining in and being part of a group with a common cause and about having a great time doing it….and keeping the “sunny side of 20”.

Photo: South Gippsland Hopital riders.

Portland White Lioners – many teams, one aim

Portland White Lioners – many teams, one aim

The Portland Lions Clubs became formally involved in the Murray to Moyne back in 1997 with several club members being riders and support for the various Portland clubs and organisation that entered teams in the event to raise funds and awareness to Portland Hospital.

In 2005 the opportunity arose with a changing of engineering contractors at Portland Aluminium for the Club to fully integrate and sponsor one of the original of the two smelter teams. The team was then known as the 104 “Muberos” team (Sorebum) but became the 104 “Portland White Lioners” due to its strong connection with riders and support members from Portland Lions.

Over the past ten years the team has introduced 102 riders to the event with those with short memories some still turning up. The team today is the sole Portland Health representative team but still receives strong support for the community and local industry to raise funds for specialty equipment for the hospital with this year’s target a Hoverjack to help remove patients for transport vehicles.

It is estimated that Portland Teams support to the hospital over the 30years would be in excess of $100,000.

This year’s team will consist of five Lions Club Support members and 20 riders made up men and women from Lions and the community. Two of the riders have rides to celebrate with Cecil Baker having ridden in the original events and Ian Rundell having ridden all but a few of the total formal rides.

The Portland Lions Club and our community team members congratulates M2M organisers for this magnificent 30 year achievement and we look forward to continuing our support for the project for many years to come. 

Picture: The original 2005 Portland White Lioners Team

First-timers support Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal

First-timers support Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal
The idea of supporting health services is particularly honourable. Heath services are integral to a
functional community and we need to contribute as members of our community. We’re riding for 
the Royal Childrens Hospital - Good Friday Appeal. 
Two of the team members had their child in the RCH neo natal ICU for the first 4 weeks of their life. The RCH staff tended to and nursed the little one back to health, and at the 5th week the family went home together. This was a unique difficult and challenging experience for the family, but is a daily occurrence for the wonderful staff at the RCH.
Each year the Good Friday Appeal brings together people from all parts of the community to raise much needed funds for equipment, research and education to support the work of The Royal Children's Hospital. Almost half of the funds currently received by The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation are donated through the Good Friday Appeal and are directed to the Hospital.
We are a modest team of 14 riders. Three have ridden M2M in the past, but it was some time ago 
when fluro lyrca and bolt-on tri bars were all the rage. Only one team member has recent experience in an M2M having been in 2 in the past 5 year; we are counting on him!
The team started with an email from a curious cyclist and within weeks the “Good Friday Appeal 
2016” team was born. Fourteen people, friends and strangers combined, spanning two states and 
numerous connections and have all committed to cycling the M2M.
Some team members come from cycling backgrounds and see this as a goal to improve their 
endurance and stamina, and others are just hoping to make it to the end in one piece!!! This is not 
an event that is being taken lightly. The preparation, logistics and training so far have seen sweat 
and tears, but not yet any blood – stay tuned for the post race update.
Reading other team bio’s and seeing years (even decades) of experience is a little intimidating. We are still coming to terms with how to get the bikes on a trailer, and where do we put an esky.
The team has what we’d call ‘fast’ riders and ‘social’ riders and many in-between; a true mixed bag. Two (Jenny and Chris) members have purchased brand new bikes (just for the event) and we can see their hours of training logging up on the team’s strava site.
The most senior rider in the team constantly logs the longest kilometres and elevation gains each week. And hat’s off to Pat and Linda who have so far ridden every mountain of the “7 Peaks” challenge series this summer. I hope they realise it’s pretty flat from Echuca to Port Fairy! 
As a first timer team we are naive enough to be full of enthusiasm for the challenge. Can’t wait till 
Image: Keep a look out for the Good Friday Appeal team riders.

Honouring Sonia & fund raising motivates Kerang team for 22 years

Honouring Sonia & fund raising motivates Kerang team for 22 years

Kerang's involvement with the Murray to Moyne began in 1995 and Rob Mason has had an enormous part in the Kerang M2M team since 1995. He has been involved every year and his motivation and drive to continue on came from tragic circumstances.

In 1995 he got to know a special person called Sonia Laursen aged 23, who was a cyclist and she had found out about the Murray to Moyne ride and was determined to get a team riding to raise money for the Kerang hospital. She recruited some people from her workplace for the team, some who were old enough to be her mother. Training began in earnest for the ride.  Sonia was married in early March 1995 to a local ambulance officer. The M2M was in five weeks time. But on the 11th April 1995, 11 days before the ride, Sonia's name was added to the list of cyclists killed when hit from behind by a motor vehicle.

These tragic circumstances shook up the team, some were shaken to the core by the harsh reality of the dangers faced by cyclists on the open road and pulled out. Others were totally determined to honour Sonia's life by keeping going. Rob was one of these people. Rob was the coach, the captain and also drove the mini bus towing the bike trailer. Five people rode solo that year, riding hour long legs of the journey.  Since that first ride, Rob has continued to organise the M2M ride for 21 years to honour Sonia, and was determined to continue to raise funds for the hospital. So far, $215,000.00 has been distributed to the Kerang Hospital.

He was honoured by winning the Woody's Memorial Award in 2015. He has since handed over the organising of the Murray to Moyne to the Loddon Murray cycling club in 2016 due to ill health. The club has an awesome responsibility to continue on with the same passion for raising funds for Kerang district Health

2016 will be Kerang's 22nd ride. Over these years there have been many participants of varying abilities, however all have enjoyed and completed the rides, many returning year after year.

Picture: The team on the road in 2014 in their new jerseys

Madness brought the trip about – a midlife crisis or similar.

That’s how Hilary King, explains how she is riding from the Pacific through to the Atlantic across 11 American states from Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia from June to October this year.

Hilary is the Manager of M2M riders, the Hamilton Base Riders, and if the M2M wasn't mad enough, she is now in training for the Trans American ride.

“I have a friend who did the original Trans American bicentennial ride 40 years ago - Becky Morton from Western District Health Service (WDHS). 

“This year is the 40th anniversary of the ride and when I retired I wanted to set myself a tough challenge outside my comfort zone so this is it. The group I am riding with is the Adventure Cycling Association of America - so I am guessing mostly they will be Americans. I won't know anyone when I get there.

“I am riding a great Australian touring bike- a Vivente. It’s designed for tough Australian conditions. Much heavier than the road bike but strong enough to carry the weight of four panniers, handlebar bag and rack gear. We will doing between 80-100 miles a day with rest days every ten days or so, when we get to sleep in a motel and hopefully wash properly etc. 

“We travel through beautiful places like Yellowstone National Park and the Teuton National Park but are required to carry bear spray which is slightly off putting.

“I will be writing a blog as I travel so am hoping people will write back to keep me going through the tough times. Training hard, although getting time is a struggle. I am certainly not fast but happy to do the distances. The big hills (The Rockies, the Orzarks and the Appalachians) and heat will be my biggest challenges, I think. 

Hilary is travelling with a group of 15 and will be completely self sufficient, camping and carrying all their gear for 7000kms. The group expects to take about 93 days including test days.

It's a big challenge and we are sure it will be the trip of a lifetime, as Hilary planned. We wish her well on her journey and the 2016 M2M.

Go hard or go home – Brocka Bushrangers' 20th ride

Go hard or go home – Brocka Bushrangers' 20th ride
Ned Kelly started riding a bike for fitness after ceasing long distance running because of an ankle and knee injury.  His sister posted him a ‘Murray to Moyne’ pamphlet to tempt him with the challenge of riding 520 kms over 24 hour relay charity bike ride.  
At Ned’s good mate Pat Lourey’s son’s birthday party, there was a discussion of possibly entering a team into the 1997 Murray to Moyne.  Pat’s old bike had 3 gears on it and he managed to borrow a wheel from his sister to replace the damaged front wheel.  Sunday morning training sessions began.
Ned’s daughter Jacinta has been a regular client at Brocka Respite House over many years.  After speaking with Robyn Beavis (Manager of Scope Respite House), it was decided funds would be raised for Brocka Respite House.  Purchases made from fundraising would provide much needed equipment  for the severely disabled young adults in care.  It would give their carers a break and provide a safer work environment for the workers at the Brocka House.
The Murray to Moyne was advertised as only needing to travel 22km per hour to complete the full trip within the time-frame required. The training course was set at a distance of 30 kms and the team was very proud to complete the course with a cigarette stop halfway through the ride.  Soon after Ned’s nephew joined in the training and introduced his work make Stephen Hook.  Ned and Pat were a bit shocked when Stephen turned up with his flash Shogun bike that had foot clips on the pedals and left the other riders behind by 50 metres up the first hill.  Other friends and relatives were then invited to join the team. The first team was called the Brocka Bandits and from then on it became the Brocka Bushrangers for the following nineteen years.
The first year of the Murray to Moyne saw the team depart Newcomb in a borrowed combie van and Milroy’s chook farm delivery van.  The bikes were stored inside the delivery van and the combie was used to transport the riders, food and drinks.
Just out of Lascelles on course to Mildura, the combie was low on fuel.  As it was ANZAC Day no petrol stations were open.  It was decided there was plenty of diesel for the delivery van so it could tow the combie.  As the tow rope was being attached, some CWA ladies pulled up to set up for ANZAC Day afternoon tea.  On enquiring of the problem one of the women called her husband to meet the team up the road with a jerry can of fuel. There was a strong refusal to accept a payment but their help was greatly appreciated.
Over the years new team members have joined and the organization of the ride and support crew have improved.  Trailers were modified to hold ten bikes.  The use of support vehicles for the riders was a vast improvement on the original combie and other vehicles.  Cycling tops were designed and printed for the Brocka Bushrangers.  More focus was geared towards fundraising events and training and, friendships have developed and grown over the nineteen years of the event.  
Extreme gestures of kindness and charity have seen the Brocka Bushrangers become a team of great mates focused on having a great weekend while enduring pain and suffering, laughter and cheer to help young adults with severe disabilities.
Donations raised by the Brock Bushrangers are $6,000 to $7,000 annually.  Purchases made from fundraising include some of the following;  fridges, recliner chairs, various furniture and hi-fi equipment, hoists (lifting machines), improvement to outdoor areas, modification to bathrooms and bedrooms and purchase of every day household kitchen equipment etc.  
This amounts to approximately $120,000.00 over the nineteen years donated by individuals, businesses and workplaces to the Brocka Bushrangers fundraising efforts.  As a result, the facilities at Brocka Respite House are safe, friendly and well equipped for clients to enjoy when on respite.
We have received generous hospitality from various people on each Murray to Moyne who accommodate the team by opening up their homes, providing home cooked meals, showers and a bed at very late hours.  These people are;
  • Barry and Loris Kelly of Swan Hill (accommodation Friday night);
  • Rod and Gayla Holmes, Greg and Kerry Overall of Hamilton (accommodation Saturday night).  

This is greatly appreciated by the team who look forward to knowing that they will have a decent, shower, meal and bed by very welcoming people.

Over the years there have been a few incidences involving bad weather, double-booking of accommodation by estate agents and a broken down trailer.  On this occasion the drawbar broke on the trailer.  Assistance was sought from a nearby farm house where two brothers Rory and Neil were more than happy to provide some steel, welder and a tractor (and plenty of laughs along the way) to get the trailer repaired and on the road again after a two and a half hour delay.
It has been a fantastic effort by a lot of people over the years and great commitment by some of the riders.  Pat Lourey and Stephen Hook have ridden in nineteen Murray to Moyne events.  Ned Kelly seventeen, Andrew Spina fifteen and Kevin Warburton (rider) and Noel Brebner (support) have participated in thirteen.
The motto over has been GO HARD OR GO HOME and get a CUP OF CONCRETE INTO YOU AND HARDEN UP!
Photo: First ride in 1997

MG Devondalers support CERT for 6th year

MG Devondalers support CERT for 6th year

The Murray Goulburn Koroit team, known as the MG Devondalers, started in 2011 with the aim to help the local community, and stay healthy at work.

The idea of entering the Murray to Moyne came from the highly successful Koroit MG Health Group which promotes health initiatives across the factory site and within the Koroit community.

The team consisted of a majority of ‘first-time riders’ and the focus was about being inclusive and raising the fitness/health of the whole group (and having some fun along the way).

We have been able to encourage riders from across the factory, including our site manager, and last year we adopted the Hawkesdale Secondary College students as they had been trying to enter a team for the previous couple of years.

In helping the community the MG Devondalers support local CERT groups.

“Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) consist of ambulance volunteers who function as ‘first responders’ within communities where the nearest ambulance branch is at a distanceThe ‘Hawkesdale CERT’ was founded after a local dairy farmer was seriously injured and had to wait over 45 min for urgent medical attention.

As a group we decided to fundraise for this cause as it’s such an important service to the local community and our tanker drivers and farmers can be in these situations, requiring assistance if an accident occurs. We support the three local CERT groups - Hawkesdale, Nullawarre and Port Campbell.

The team fundraises during the year with BBQs and raffles at the factory and a major raffle that all CERT groups assist with selling tickets. The total raised for the local groups over the four years is nearly $30,000 which has been used to assist CERT Group members to attend training and group meetings.

We have been fortunate that many of the service providers to Murray Goulburn understand the importance of the CERT groups and donate to the cause.

We are proud to support the efforts of the Murray to Moyne organisation and congratulate everyone involved for the 30 years of riding and fundraising (and having fun).

Yarra Ranges win Fundraising Prize

Yarra Ranges win Fundraising Prize

The YARRA RANGERS were drawn for this year’s Fundraising Prize.

The prize is 2 nights accommodation for 6 at “Rockpool”, a brand new luxurious double storey townhouse with breathtaking views of South Beach (Pea Soup Cove). Ideal for couples and small families. 

The Yarra Ranges team now has the opportunity to use the prize to raise more money for their chosen health organisation or charity.

The prize is generously donated by Langley's, Port Fairy Accommodation Booking Service.


The Rapid Relief Team comes to the rescue again

The Rapid Relief Team comes to the rescue again

In recognition and support of all the hard work and money raised by the teams in the M2M ride, RRT (Rapid Relief Team) volunteers will be serving breakfast at the Swan Hill start and a meal for all riders and support crews at the Stawell stop-over. 


Back in '97 the riding bug bites Keith Cogstrippers

Back in '97 the riding bug bites Keith Cogstrippers
Local Health Centre coordinator, Heather Cozens recognised the Murray to Moyne as an opportunity to focus fundraising for Keith Hospital. She recruited riders and a support crew and in 1997 eight Keith riders joined Bordertown Bandaids in riding the Murray to Moyne Bike Relay from Mildura to Port Fairy.
The riding bug had bitten and in 1998 Keith sent a full team to ride their first Murray to Moyne as Keith Cogstrippers. 
Flintoffs’ Electrical showed faith in the early years and then Malthouses’ Engineering, Stansburys’ IGA and Snajdars’ Farmers Centre sponsored the team.
Heather Cozens and Sandi Hausler ensured fund raising continued each year and riders gained more experience under the guidance of team captain, Don Sommerville. The Keith community turned out in droves at Cogstrippers’ quiz nights.  
Stones Buses of Keith have shown exceptional generosity in supplying transport for the team for more than a decade. Only with their support has the continued participation in Murray to Moynes been possible. 
Fundraising reached a new level when recycling of cans became a focus for Team 19. Don Sommerville had the foresight and energy to streamline the operation to the point where environmental grants saw the group develop an efficient plant for sorting cans, bottles and milk cartons. 
Craig Rowsell took on the captaincy of the group and a regular stream of new members (we’re now up to 55 M2M riders) have taken up cycling. Cogstrippers have become a local role model for their pursuit of fitness, fund raising and community spirit.

Car breakdown leads Team Outpatients to 20 M2Ms.

Car breakdown leads Team Outpatients to 20 M2Ms.

Hopetoun people have been watching and cheering on riders for many years. The breakdown of a car led to Hopetoun getting its own team and that’s how it evolved for us to be celebrating 20 years.

 In 1994 when participating team “The Privateyes” had car trouble and thought they would have to abandon their ride in Hopetoun, former local man Lindsay “Dutchie” Frost came to the rescue and loaned the team his work car so they could complete the rest of the ride. The “Privateyes”  over the next 2 years supported Hopetoun Hospital and visited for a fundraiser each year and with their support the inaugural meeting was held on 6th May 1996. The first team of 9 riders set off from Mildura in 1997 for the first ride. The team consisted of Gary Martin, Brian Poulton, Leo Glen, Shane Macklin, Daryl Burdett, Wayne Derrick, Les Solly, Keith Renkin and Stewart Hallam along with Susie Hallam and Faye Cook as support crew.

So this is how the journey began. Back in these early days money was raised for the Hopetoun Bush Nursing Hospital but when the new facility was built it became Rural Northwest Health Hopetoun Campus. It took until the year 2000 for the first female rider to join the team and Donna Scobie rode alongside the men.

Team Outpatients boast three people who have been with them in some way each year since 1996, these are Les Solly, 2014 Graham Woodrup Memorial Award winner and now a Life Governor of Rural Northwest Health, Una Splatt – past Matron of HBNH and Sue Afford former Secretary and Rider.

Over all of these years Team Outpatients has been fully supported by the Hopetoun and surrounding districts and it is always interesting time for fundraising with the lead up to the ride each year. The Brown Family, the late Max Brown and his wife Valmai and their son Ross and Janine and family donate the use of a “Cambacanya” bus each year, and along with the Speed Lions Club have been donating each year and we acknowledge their support.

Team Outpatients have had many riders over the years and we wish to mention Richard Price from Melbourne who comes up each year to ride with Team Outpatients, Richard has been doing this for many years and even after suffering from a broken hip from a ride fall he was soon back on the bike and back riding with us.

In the year 2006 Hopetoun boasted 2 teams TO2 rode as well and this was great to see such a small community having 2 teams. TO2 rode for a couple more years boosting funds for Rural Northwest Health. Other teams to ride and fundraise for us have been The Old Mallee Bulls. Our close neighbours “Beulah Blue Flames” and the “Warracknabeal Wheelies” have had teams participating over the years but they no longer ride so Team Outpatients have been able to pick up some very valuable riders. Brad Martin has been a team member of both of these teams and Brad has only missed one ride since 2002. This year is very special for the Martin Family as Brad sees his young son Will join the team and we will all be very proud to see them ride into Port Fairy on Sunday 3rd April with Family present to cheer them on.

 2014 saw our Team have 2 riders go down just out of Lascelles. Colin Symes a member and rider for many years was taken to Melbourne by Helicopter from the Brim oval and remained in Hospital for quite some time. On the Friday evening after the accident members of Team Outpatients visited Colin, Donna and Rohan and proudly presented Col with his Medallion, smiling not able to move but wearing this around his neck brace. Colin continues each day on his road to recovery and is back riding his bike. Nothing would please us more than Colin leading the team into Port Fairy this year, who knows? We will be forever grateful for all the support that was given to Colin his Family and our Team from all other teams who stopped and assisted and continued to follow up.

Team Outpatients may only have a small committee of workers but all involved work extremely hard to raise these valuable funds that are used for upgrades or new equipment and are very proud of all that Team Outpatients have been able to donate to our Hospital/Aged Care Facility which has 4 Acute Beds and Urgent Care as well as 24 Aged Care Beds.

Winners of 2016 Early Bird prize drawn

Winners of 2016 Early Bird prize drawn

Congratulations...KEITH COGSTRIPPERS have taken home the Early Bird prize of 2 nights in Hearn's iconic Beachside Villa No.2 overlooking the Southern Ocean.  A fantastic opportunity to boost their fundraising efforts.


The priize has been generously provided by Hearn's Port Fairy Accommodation.


The next draw, in mid January, from all teams registered is the FUNDRAISING Prize of 2 nights at "Rockpool" overlooking Port Fairy's Pea Soup Beach.

Dont miss the draw for the Early Bird Team Prize!

Dont miss the draw for the Early Bird Team Prize!

The prize, $800 of accommodation for a weekend in the picturesque fishing village of Port Fairy, is provided by Hearn's Port Fairy Accommodation.


Views over the Southern Ocean from both the main king bedroom, spa bath & lounge area. Gas log fire adds to the ambiance of the Villa which is ideal for a couple. Two nights out of peak season...Villa 2 is part of the Hearn's complex located on the South Beach area.

Perfect to auction, raffle or promote your cause over the air waves.

Register a team of 10 by this Friday December 18 before the regular price of $110 per team member applies and receive one free registration as well as be in the draw for the Early Bird Team Prize.


Teams must pay their registration online by credit card or payment of invoice before the team is approved.


The Lorne Spinners "Ride for Camel" in 2016!

The Lorne Spinners

This year the Lorne Spinners are so motivated their M2M team is together and training already! That might be the quickest in their history … loads of motivation! Perhaps to do with their 2016 cause…?

This year, the funds raised by the group will be directed to Michael Callanan (aka Camel), a local Lorne and Surf Coast legend.

Some of you might know Camel from his involvement with Lorne Care, his 30 years strong on the SES, and of course he was recognised by the Surf Coast Shire Council as Surf Coast Citizen of the Year in 2009... just to name a few achievements!

Unfortunately, Camel's large heart gave way in 2011 and he has subsequently spent quite some time in hospital. Although he received a heart transplant recently, and is now zipping around town in his wheelchair, he has a long road ahead.

The Lorne Spinners aim to give back to such a noteworthy member of our community by cycling 520kms in 24 hours, from Swan Hill to Port Fairy, on April 2nd & 3rd!

The Spinners is now recruiting for like-minded individuals who want to support our cause by cycling the Murray2Moyne or support our group along the way...

To donate: https://www.murraytomoyne.com.au/donate.php

Photo: the 2015 Lorne Spinners team at the finish line at Port Fairy with local Federal Member, Dan Tehan.

M2M riders raise $15,000 for Kerang District Health

M2M riders raise $15,000 for Kerang District Health

By Ken Jenkins, Gannawarra Times

A MARATHON cycling effort by a team of Kerang cyclists has resulted in a massive contribution to the district's major acute health-care provider.

Eleven cyclists and a support crew took on the 520-kilometre charity marathon from the Murray River to the Moyne River at Port Fairy earlier this year.

The Murray to Moyne team raised $15,000 for Kerang District Health, the latest contribution from a dedicated band of riders who take on the 24-hour challenge every year.

Loddon Murray Cycling president, Max Christian presented the cheque to the health service's board of management president, Ken Jenkins, accompanied by secretary, Margy Christian, who is also theatre nurse unit manager at the health service.

This year's team members were Scott Wishart, Kevin Hancock, Fish McGowan, Max Christian, Margy Christian, Sarah Archard, Emma Davey, Matt Down, David Knight, Karl Christian and Mario Letizia.

The support crew was John Rumbold, John Archard and Mel Wishart.

Medical student, Emma Davey, who spent six months in Kerang in 2014, participated last year and enjoyed it so much that she came back from Melbourne with her friend, Matt Down, and trained with the team before the 2015 ride. She has also indicated that she would to participate in 2016 ride.

Mr Jenkins praised the ongoing efforts of the local Murray to Moyne team and the role played by Loddon Murray Cycling, which took over the co-ordination of the event from the founders, Rob Mason and Heather Mortlock, who are still involved in fund-raising efforts.

"Kerang District Health is most grateful for the ongoing generosity of your dedicated group and accept your donation with sincere thanks," he said.

Mr Christian said that the cycling club would like to encourage people to consider being part of the 2016 team and have some great fun training with the team, enjoy cycling as well as raising money for our local hospital.

The ride is on April 2 and 3, 2016.

Contact Max Christian for further details on the Loddon Murray Cycling Facebook page.

Photo: REWARD: Kerang District Health board president, Ken Jenkins, left, accepts the Murray to Moyne cheque from Loddon Murray Cycling representatives, Max and Margy Christian.

Looking for a unique way of experiencing Murray to Moyne?

Looking for a unique way of experiencing Murray to Moyne?

Your on-road café service centre and gear storage. A campervan or motorhome rental from local Melbourne business, Motor Home Republic, is a great option. 

If you are after a certain size or model, be sure to book early to ensure you get the vehicle you are after.

For more detail check out:  www.motorhomerepublic.com




Don't miss the Early Bird Prize Draw

Don't miss the Early Bird Prize Draw

Register a minimum team of eight and pay by Friday 18 December and you will not only save $10 per team member but your team will also be in the running to win the Earybird Prize.

The prize, valued at over $800 is generously offered by Hearns Port Fairy Accommodation.

Hearn's Beachside Villa 2, Port Fairy

Nestled into the sand dunes, with absolute seashore frontage, these villas are ideal for couples seeking seclusion for a romantic tryst overlooking the Southern Ocean. You can sit in the dual spa and watch the waves crashing in the Southern ocean or you can sit and read a book on the leather lounge suite. There is a lovely courtyard at the back of the property or a table and chairs to have a coffee out the front in the morning. Hearn's Beachside Villas are located up a private road of Thistle Place. It is like being transported into another world...rustic, private...a great place to relax.

Activities: barbecue, cooking, dolphin watching, fishing - beach, fishing - charters, golfing, photography, shopping, surfing, whale watching: May to November, wine tasting.
Experiences: beach, fishing, flora and fauna, food and wine tasting, golf, historic/heritage, honeymoon, felaxation, romance, shopping.
W: accommodation@hearns.com.au    
P: 03 5568 3150  
Shop 2/54 Sackville Street Port Fairy

M2M launches in Melbourne

M2M launches in Melbourne

M2M launched this morning on Melbourne's busy South Bank amongst fluoro clad commuters cycling their way to work.

M2M co-ordinator, Maggie Leutton, and her team flew the flag for the event and handed out information about the ride and how to enter.

Picture: Maggie diverts veteran M2M rider, Venessa Goldsmith, from her daily ride to her work place at Docklands with a chat.


Early Bird Registration opens

Early Bird Registration opens

Save $10 per team member by registering your team now. You have until friday December 18 before the regular price of $110 per team member applies.

Once your team is registered and PAID, you will then be approved and donations can be accepted via the DONATE portal on the M2M website. 

Teams must pay their registration online by credit card or payment of invoice before the team is approved.


Contact M2M Co-ordinator regarding other options: mleutton@moynehealth.vic.gov.au 


All teams registered and paid by Friday 18 December 2015 are eligible for the Early Bird Team Prize - $800 of accommodation for a weekend in Port Fairy. Valued at $800 the prize id provided by Hearn's Port Fairy Accommodation.

The prize can be used as a fundraiser. Perfect for auctioning or selling tickets to raise more money for your charity.

WOW!! Kiwis & Queenslanders ...

WOW!! Kiwis & Queenslanders ...

We have a team keen to come to this year's M2M from Brisbane and one from Auckland too.
Let's hope the airlines can see their way clear to sponsor these teams to raise funds for their nominated health services.
No doubt the Kiwi team will have many recommendations for their fantastic rides in both the North & South Islands.

M2M hits $1million mark

The Murray to Moyne hit over the million dollar mark this morning…$1,001,165 to be exact.

Donations via the M2M website close at the end of April and funds will be disbursed to teams within 10 days.

The jump in donations has been helped by teams utilising online donation portals including the M2M website link for fundraising and circulating the link out to service providers, suppliers, friends and families.  

Coming up:

  • Melbourne City Launch of the 2016 Ride - 27 October
  • Registrations opening in October 2015
  • 30th Anniversary Ride - 2&3 April 2016

Grasmere Primary School rides for Mrs K.

Grasmere Primary School rides for Mrs K.

Long serving and much loved Grasmere Primary School teacher, Anne Kuttner, retired in 2014 due to illness. Ann had been a teacher for more than 40 years and a member of the Grasmere teaching staff from 1988.

The Grasmere M2M team rode to raise money for Anne and the South West Health Care Palliative Unit which provides Anne with ongoing support.

The team was small with just five riders and two support crew but they had trained hard and had plenty of team spirit, just like Mrs K, and raised over $2,000.


  • Front: support crew Megan Price and Leeann Nicholson
  • Back: Kate Johnstone (teacher), Chantal Dryden (parent), Phil Nicholson (Past School Council President), Warwick Price (School Principal) and Peter Murphy (parent).

St Vincent's team raises $65,078 for cartilage regeneration

The St Vincent's Hospital team has raised $65,078.80 by completing the M2M.

The money will go to an exciting medical research project that will regenerate cartilage from adult stem cells. Initial results from our trials are promising but the project is in need of funding to move it to the next stage.

The benefits to patients will be significant as it will eliminate the onset of arthritis and other joint issues which typically occur with the present procedures.

Next year we are 30! Come and join us.

Next year we are 30! Come and join us.

Come and join us for the greatest ride ever.

Having just completed a successful 2015 M2M, we are looking forward to 2016 and the 30th anniversary ride and we hope you can join us. 

Put the dates in your diary. We dont want you to miss it. 

2016 M2M -  2 & 3 April  

  • 2016 Easter: 25 - 28 March
  • Victorian School Holidays: Sat 25 March - Sun 10 April

The 2015 M2M Award Winners

The 2015 M2M Award Winners

The Murray to Moyne Award winners for 2015 are: 


  • Rob Mason “Loddon Murray Cycling” Kerang

The five Woody's Memorial Award nominees were:

  • Gavin Wright “Hypoactive”  Melbourne
  • Peter (Bomber) Tonzing “Team Harmony” Mildura
  • Robyn Gregson “BIOYA Team 101” Altona
  • Garry Cooper “Rotary Revolution” Irymple
  • Barbara Toma “Casterton Memorial Hospital”

20 years of Motor Cycle Marshalling

  • Paul ‘Smokey’ Langley

Safe & Courteous Support Crews


  • O2 Media Award: CHIROPRACTIC for HEALTH


  • Win Network Award: VISION SUPER
  • First State Super Award: COHEALTH COMOTION


  • Port Fairy Folk Festival: STAWELL SPROCKETS
  • Cobbs Bakery Award: PORT FAIRY HOSPITAL TEAM 1A


  • Cheeseworld Award: KEITH COGSTRIPPERS




  • McLeans Guardian Pharmacy Award: TIMBOON CRUISERS
  • Rebecca’s Café Award: BOORT DISTRICT HEALTH

Photo: Paul ‘Smokey’ Langley accepts his award for 20 years of Motor Cycle Marshalling from Dan Tehan, Federal Member for Wannon

What goes into making the M2M great

What goes into making the M2M great

Great events like the Murray to Moyne and the associated fund raising don't just happen. Lots of things have to take place and a raft of people contribute in many different ways to make it the successful event it is. Here are some stats:

  • 70 teams competed comprising of 8 to 40 members each.  The larger teams split into strategic  sub teams to ride the distance.
  • Over 1100 riders and 200 support crew were on the road
  • 520kms were covered by teams relaying on the three routes over 24 hours
  • 30 on-road volunteers covered the three routes
  • 20 on-ground volunteers coordinated the two Hamilton to Port Fairy routes
  • 90-110 service club personnel from Lions, Rotary, SES, town Community Groups marshalled at every corner or obstacle along the three routes
  • Several VicPolice assisted on specific corners as was appropriate and they were available
  • Cyclists pass through 13 Shires
  • VicRoads, Ambulance Victoria and VicPolice are all contacted for the appropriate permits, approvals, road conditions etc.

Funds raised to date from Woody’s 2015 M2M Ride:

  • $175,000 raised through or entered into the Murray to Moyne website DONATE portal.
  • This does not account for the total funds being raised by teams and support crews separately through functions, events, lotteries and other online facilities.

Our guestimate on previous year's experience, it is well over the half million so far and on its way to meet last year's fundraising of over $1million.

2015 M2M Photo Gallery now up

2015 M2M Photo Gallery now up

Almost 400 photos have been posted on the 2015 M2M Gallery. The photos capture the riders' on-road determination, their teams' delight at the finish and many of the volunteers along the way. Check them out... 

The online images can be downloaded and are perfect for emailing, social media and websites. We'd love for you to share them far and wide.

If you would like high resolution images for printing, just email us at melutton@murrraytomoyne.com.au, giving the image number and we will send you a link to download them. 

Note: there are some great early morning shots on the road to Penshurst but most riders had wet weather gear on and we can't identify them. Take a minute and have a look, you or your team might be amongst them.

Done! And what a great ride for 2015

Done! And what a great ride for 2015

Seventy teams rolled into Port Fairy on Sunday morning completing the 2015 Murray to Moyne bike relay by riding 520 kms in a bit over 24 hours. All teams were raising money for their nominated health services and are looking to beat last years' fundraising total of over $1 million. 

Over the next few days we will be loading images from the ride and team photos. High resolution digital photos will be available at no cost by contacting us on mleutton@moynehealth.vic.gov.au



Ten years on…and still rolling

Ten years on…and still rolling

In 2004 a number of maintenance staff from Wesley College’s Glen Waverley campus took up the challenge of riding the Murray to Moyne cycle relay. That year, a small group of six riders, some on heavy mountain bikes, battled the 520km across Victoria within the 24 hour time limit. Three of those members, Rob Savedra, Charlie Hall and Geoff Small have ridden in every edition since then, clocking up nearly 8,000km between them.

Starting the rides from Swan Hill and, more recently, Echuca, the purple of Wesley has been a notable presence on the road along the way and 2014 was the tenth participation. Along the way, the team has changed and grown to include teaching staff from all three city campuses, parents, past students, security staff and even former world champion triathlete Emma Carney. The evolution of the dreaded, and politically dubious, ‘Pink Jersey’ – awarded to the rider that complains or stuffs up the most – has since added another dimension to the challenge.

While the riding is both challenging and hugely satisfying, it is the fundraising aspect of the Murray to Moyne that really matters and over the decade the team has raised over $30,000 for the Starlight Foundation and the James Macready Bryan Foundation. These funds have come from a number of sources, including school BBQs and some generous donations from companies associated with the school.

Our thanks go to the organisers and volunteers that make the M2M such a memorable and worthwhile event.


Pic: The 2013 team at the finish in Port Fairy

Woody’s Murray to Moyne 2015 ready to roll!

Activities for all the family, a fun run, eight new teams and more riders than last year – with just two weeks to go, the 2015 Murray to Moyne is ready to roll out of the starting blocks.

M2M organiser Maggie Leutton said not only was the 2015 relay gearing up to be another great one for riders, it was also going to afford a great time for families, friends and support crews.

Maggie said the M2M team will hold extra events and activities for people who aren’t riding but will be staying in Port Fairy for the weekend of 28 and 29 March waiting for their teams to arrive.

“The program includes many Blue Light Fun Run categories for kids up to teenage years and adults alongside the morning market on the Saturday, and a festival atmosphere on Sunday morning from 9am with live music, coffee, massages and a free barbecue before the medal presentation at 11.30am,” she said.

“The extra activities are the result of feedback from last year’s relay event, and the M2M team are hoping to build on these in future years. It’s going to be a great weekend for all the families, friends and support crew who come to Port Fairy for the weekend.”

Maggie said Woody’s Murray to Moyne 2015 had already registered more riders than last year, with 1,100 taking part. There were also eight new teams registered with riders from Bendigo, Melbourne, Echuca and Hamilton among other parts of Victoria as well as South Australia and southern New South Wales.

“There are several new south-west Victorian teams including Grassmere Primary School, Scrubbers and the Gasman, and the Flying Angels from around Warrnambool and district,” she said.

“All up, we have five teams from Warrnambool, two from Port Fairy, two from Hamilton and one each from Koroit, Penshurst, Terang, Mortlake, Timboon and Portland.

“Once again, the Echuca route is the most popular with teams and this year that route will include a starting ride through Echuca to the wharf and along the main street before heading out of town to give visitors and locals the opportunity to watch the spectacle and cheer on the teams as they set off.”

This year there is also a new starting location in Mildura to provide teams with a quicker, easier and safer access to the highway as they head south towards the Moyne River. Maggie said local trucking firms and the nut industry have been very accommodating working their schedules around the Woody’s M2M start.

This year’s Murray to Moyne also includes the Mini Moyne where senior primary school students from Port Fairy Consolidated in Port Fairy and St Patricks in Koroit will ride in a much-smaller version of the relay on Friday March 27. More than 100 students and some teachers will ride along the Port Fairy to Warrnambool Rail Trail, with Port Fairy and Koroit Lions Club members supervising intersections to ensure safety.

The Mini Moyne is being supported by the Lions Clubs as well as Wannon Water, Moyne Health Services and the Moyne Shire Council.

Maggie said planning for the 2016 Woody’s Murray to Moyne has already started given that it’s the 30th anniversary of the relay.

“Next year is going to be a big year for us and we are planning some changes that we know will please riders, support crews and families,” she said.

“We have to celebrate such a great achievement and we’re sure Woody will also be happy with what we’re planning.”

The 2016 Murray to Moyne dates have already been announced – 2 and 3 April, the week after Easter – so save the date!

Keep up-to-date with news posted to the event’s Facebook page www.facebook.com.au/murray2moyne.


Media enquiries:
Maggie Leutton
Phone – 0467 788 765

Photo: Woody

Benefits of joining Bicycle Network

When you become a Bicycle Network member you’ll find they’re there to help when you need it most.

Every time you ride you’ll be covered by the comprehensive cycling insurance designed specifically for bike riders and you’ll have access to their riders rights’ and legal support services - these are the main reasons most members sign up.

Their premium bike rider insurance policy provides cover in three very important ways; if you're injured, if you cause injury to someone else, and if you cause damage to someone else's property. Without all three you could be riding at risk.

Bicycle Network Members receive:

  • Comprehensive cycling insurance designed for bike riders
  • Riders' rights and legal support services
  • Subscription to Ride On magazine and Member Rewards
  • Help us improve riding conditions.

So if you love bike riding, go ahead and join today, you won’t look back.


The Mighty Quint is coming

The Mighty Quint is coming

The Echuca Moama Team supports Echuca Regional Health and it's a number of years since they have had a team in the Murray to Moyne, as some local riders had completed many M2Ms and have for various reason found other things to do.  

This year their team consists of 12 seasoned riders (yes the average age is in the 50s) with their most senior rider being Ray Hamilton whom many will know as a gregarious Irish character, who has completed 15+ Murray to Moyne’s and always enjoys getting back to his routes in Port Fairy (formerly known as Belfast).  

The hospital is in the final stages or being completely upgraded and the team is proud to be able to represent Echuca Regional Health and carry on a longstanding tradition of raising funds to assist in equipment purchases for the hospital.  

The riders wish to thank Cadell Trading, American Hotel, Caltex, Echuca Moama Family Medical Practice and Echuca Moama Tourism for their support.

This year the team is taking things a step further, riding out of Echuca on the Quint (five riders) as a fun start to the ride.  Apparently this is weapon fast and has been used on the Great Vic Bike Ride, we all look forward to having a go on this.

To get an idea of how much fun the Quint is check out the video of riders on the Great Victoria Bike Ride

Food stopover at Hawkesdale

Hawkesdale (Penshurst route from Hamilton)

The local Community Emergency Response Team will be serving (for a donation) tea and coffee, scones/jam/cream, slices, muffins, fruit etc from 7.30am.

Take the left side service lane in Woolsthorpe and you will find them on the first corner past the hotel.

Beulah pit stop back on the map

Beulah is back on the map this year offering delish food to teams on the Mildura route.

Pre-ordering is the name of the game to ensure it is ready for collection.  Full details and menu on this week’s Team Manager’s Update.

Meals will be served from the Beulah Primary School, Henty Hwy, Beulah. (on the right, south of town.) Sit down and take away meals will be available.Off road parking and toilet and rest rooms available.

Email your orders by Monday 24 March to: pcsecbps@hotmail.com 

To have your orders ready when you hit town, Team Managers text message 0409 574 747 when leaving Hopetoun. 

coheath comotion ride for health for young African men

coheath comotion ride for health for young African men

Our Dream is a community-lead project run by ArtsGenerator, cohealth’s participatory health-meets-art space in Footscray, Melbourne. It aims to support young African men get back to their roots and community using art, music and gatherings in a positive space.

In support and with a target to raise $10,000, fifteen cohealth coworkers are rolling on the lycra and hitting the roads to cycle 520km in the epic 24 hour race, the Murray to Moyne, 28-29 March. 

Wearing the art

The cohealth team will be sporting riding jerseys designed by Ngardarb Francine Riches, a member of the Arriyol clan of the Bardi/Djawi/ Karajarri tribe. Ngardarb Francine has worked with cohealth and lived in Melbourne’s west for many years.

More information

Arts Gen run some unique and vital programs like hip hop classes for 11-16 year olds, art workshops for isolated young African men, musical collaborations with some of Melbourne’s most disadvantaged primary schools, and BBQ’s for some of our most vulnerable community members who are homeless or may have mental health issues.

Check out their inspiring work on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barklyartscentre?fref=ts

Donations:  https://www.murraytomoyne.com.au/donate.php. And sponsor 435: cohealth comotion.


FOR SALE - cycling bike rack

FOR SALE - cycling bike rack

Team Homicide have a steel Cycling Bike Rack for sale.

Built by RA Steel, Warrnambool, it holds 15 bikes and fits inside a 10’ x 6’ tandem trailer (note: trailer not included)

$500.00 ONO

Contact: Nigel Howard 0407 565 154



Mini Moyne for kids

Mini Moyne for kids

For the first time, senior primary school children from Port Fairy and Koroit can join in the fun of riding with an inaugural Mini Moyne for kids. This ride is taking place on Friday 27, the day before Woody’s M2M.

Students from Port Fairy Consolidated and St Patrick’s Primary schools from Koroit and Port Fairy are participating with over 100 children expected to be pushing peddles.  Some adventurous teachers will also be joining them. The ride promotes healthy activities and bicycle safety for kids.

The route, from Koroit to Port Fairy along the Rail Trail, will be supervised by the Koroit and Port Fairy Lions Clubs at all intersections to ensure safety.

The ride will begin at 12 noon in Koroit and will finish around 2.00pm at Railway Place, Port Fairy. The medal presentation will take place at the stage in Fiddlers Green.

So look out for the kids on their bikes and give them a cheer.

The ride is organised by the M2M Coordinator, Maggie Leutton in conjunction with the schools and with assistance from:

·       Koroit & Port Fairy Lions – supervising chicanes

·       Wannon Water  – providing water for bottles at the start of the ride

·       Moyne Heath – providing a vehicle and staff to help transport bikes from Port Fairy to Koroit Station for the start

·       Moyne Shire Outdoor Staff – supplying a tandem trailer to transport bikes.

M2M 2015 Fundraising Prize…

M2M 2015 Fundraising Prize…

Awarded to CASTLEMANIACS who are targeting to raise $6000 for the Windarring Support Service.

The Castlemaniacs are now using the prize as an the incentive to donate by putting their benefactors into a draw for the Port Fairy break. 

The prize, valued at over $500, is a two-night stay in Port Fairy at "Rockpool" overlooking Pea Soup Cove. Accommodating 6 and generously offered by Langley's Port Fairy Booking Service. holidayportfairy.com.au

Rockpool is a brand NEW luxurious double storey townhouse with breathtaking views of South Beach (Pea Soup Cove).

A stylish coastal feel complimented by having the beach at your door step. Welcoming to couples and small families.

30th M2M dates announced

Yes, we know we haven't completed the 2015 ride yet and we are already planning for 2016. But it's a special year, our 30th, and we'd love to see everyone there, so put the dates in your diary.

 2 & 3 April 2016

Note: for planning purposes, Easter in 2016 falls on 25 to 28 March.

WIN Network helps M2M head to total of $1 million.

WIN Network helps M2M head to total of $1 million.

M2M sincerely thanks WIN Network for their support and promotion of the 2015 Woody’s Murray to Moyne 520km annual Cycle Relay.

The network has supported the M2M with a free air time campaign running 120 spots across the networks three chanels, Vic, Go and Gem. 

As the ride, in its 29th year, heads towards raising more than $1,000,000, the coverage by WIN Network broadens the exposure of the ride, its aims and the community benefits and helps with the fundraising efforts of all the teams participating.

Boort team wins Early Bird Prize

Boort team wins Early Bird Prize

The team is targeting to raise $20,000 and we hope this prize which can be used for fundraising will help them reach their target.

Earlybird prize – luxury on the river

Two nights accommodation in the Shearwater Penthouse Apartment in Port Fairy. Spectacular views and luxury on the River Moyne, accommodating three couples or five singles.

The prize, valued at over $800 is generously offered by Hearns Port Fairy Accommodation portfairyaccom.com.au

M2M funds in action

M2M funds in action
With the help of funds raised by Woody's Muaaray to Moyne, residents of Glenelg House, Casterton, are now being presented with meal options served directly to them from our in-home meal service system.

This new, person-centred care experience for our residents has met with great success. Previously meals would be delivered to the resident already plated up based on their menu choice four weeks prior. The new system allows residents to choose from options presented each meal time from our mobile servery unit. The residents’ meal experience is enhanced by person to person interaction for their needs, choice of meal, greater socialisation, visual stimulation and sensory improvements with food aromas.

The Murray to Moyne Committee has provided the funds for the purchase of the new mobile servery unit. Family members and other community volunteers assist staff to provide this service.

You can support the Hospital and Glenelg House through your support of the Murray to Moyne activities and by contacting the hospital to enquire about our volunteer programs.


South West Alliance of Rural Health (VIC)

Team Bio: Campbell's Creek Cycling

Team Bio: Campbell's Creek Cycling

The Mt Alexander Shire Accommodation & Respite Group (MASARG Inc) is a dedicated, independent group of parents, carers and interested community members working to address the critical need for respite and accommodation services for people with disabilities within our area. We are unique in that we are a parent driven organisation determined to make it happen – not a company.

Respite provides disabled people with a safe, welcoming home to stay in for a short break from their family and for the parents/carers to have a much needed break from caring. Some of our parents have been caring for their disabled children for more than 40 years.

We began as a small group of parents who were concerned at the lack of purpose built respite & accommodation in our area for our disabled “children” anbd decided that we would have to do something about it – not only for those we care for, but also for future generations. We formed a committee, held monthly meetings, became incorporated, gained DGR status and developed a business plan.

Land in the Castlemaine urban area has become extremely expensive and beyond our budget or not suitable.

In the meantime Bob & Eileen McDonald were subdividing their farm at McKenzies Hill (on the outskirts of Castlemaine) and they approached us with an offer to donate 2.8 hectares of beautiful, undulating land for our Respite House. What a wonderful gesture by such a lovely family.

Wow! This meant that the Lions money would now be able to be used in the building of the house.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of many groups & individuals in our local community who have assisted us to raise almost $1,000,000 through fundraising, donations and “in kind” pledges. The Castlemaniacs Murray to Moyne Team rode the Murray to Moyne in 2012 and 2013 for MASARG Inc and also held a fantastic 80’s night raising more than $20,000 in total for MASARG Inc.

The members of this team, along with their partners, have continued to support us with many more fundraisers and have been a wonderful encouragement to our group. Our family went to Port Fairy to cheer on the team and share in the excitement as they arrived – fighting a head wind as only the wind can blow in Port Fairy!

In 2014 another group of riders “The Campbells Creek Cyclist Cooperative” formed a team to ride the 2014 Murray to Moyne for MASARG Inc. Prior to the ride they held several fundraisers – they raised more than $7,000 in their first experience of the Murray to Moyne and are keen to do it all again in 2015.

The building of our Respite House is about to commence. It’s been a long journey – however it’s really only the beginning – our next goal is to build some accommodation units where some of those we care for can live full time with some assistance.

Thanks to all involved in the wonderful organisation of the annual M2M. May there be many more Murray to Moyne rides.

Team Bio: Hydsol Heat Cycling Team

Team Bio: Hydsol Heat Cycling Team

The HYDSOL HEAT CYCLING TEAM rides for fitness, fun and to raise much needed funds for the Mallee Accommodation & Support Program (MASP) in Mildura. The team has been together for many years now and has since 2005 focused its fundraising efforts on MASP’s ongoing support for disadvantaged people within our community, in particular the Kokoda Youth Mentoring Program. The team aims to raise enough funds to send one young person on this life-changing program annually. Since 2010 the team has managed to raise over $10,000 per year including $10,812 in 2014, enough for two young disadvantaged people to participate in the program annually.

The team has a membership of approximately 20 riders who all participate in various rides throughout the year. A number of riders have also experienced the Kokoda Youth Mentoring Program first hand as a mentor for a young person.

Since its inception in 2006, MASP’s Kokoda Youth Mentoring program has had an impact on the lives of over 100 young people from throughout the Sunraysia.

Kokoda is a 12-month youth mentoring program providing local disengaged and disadvantaged youth with an opportunity to re-connect themselves with mainstream education, employment, family, the community and to reach their full potential.

The program recruits mentors from the local community to provide mentoring and support to the young people participating, with a strong focus on the linking of disadvantaged young people to positive adult role models. Training provided to the mentors ensures that the young person is receiving the maximum benefit possible from the program including:
Social interaction through group physical training sessions
One-on-one sessions ensuring the achievement extended social networks Building of confidence, self-esteem and positive communication
Life skills and core values that will assist them in everyday life, their careers and relationships
Creating an environment that enables their full potential to be realised.

The program highlight is a trip to Papua New Guinea to walk “in the footsteps of heroes” along the historical Kokoda Trail. It is here where emotions are brought to the forefront, participants discover themselves and their inner strengths, gain an insight into the sacrifices made by many young Australian soldiers and experience a culture far removed from our own.

Kokoda has had a positive influence on many of the young people who have participated in the program during the last 8 years.

The continued success of Kokoda and the creating of positive change to the lives of many young people now and into the future rely heavily on funding. The program costs approximately $6000 per person for the duration of the 12 months, including the trek along the Kokoda Trail.

Pear Pair Pare Art Auction raises over $10,000

Pear Pair Pare Art Auction raises over $10,000

Port Fairy's M2M Team No.1 Fundraising Art Auction raises over $10,000
for a heart monitor and MS.

Organiser, Jenny McCarthy, reported all team members did an art piece which added to other local and Melbourne artists' work for the event.

Don Stewart's sculpted squids were popular and Richard Crowley's piece sold for just under $1000.

All art pieces were sold under the auctioneer's hammer.

The Pear Pair Pare theme was well received and sought out innovation from the participating artists.

Team PR Packs

Need help with your team PR but think you can’t afford it? Think again! 

If you need some help with your Murray to Moyne fundraising efforts, M2M sponsor o2 Media has come up with the perfect solution – a team PR pack that gives you $599 worth of value for just $199.

o2 Media’s team of creative designers and experienced writers have created a special promotional pack just for teams taking part in the 2015 M2M with the aim of helping you spread the word and boost your fundraising bottom line!

Woody’s Murray to Moyne Team PR Pack

For an investment of just $199, you could generate thousands of dollars’ worth of free publicity and marketing for your team’s fundraising efforts.

Your PR Booster Pack includes:

  • A shell media release written by an experienced journalist. Just fill in the gaps and send it off to your local papers and radio stations with a great photo idea.
  • A tips and tricks fact sheet jam-packed with advice on public relations and marketing.
  • A social media tips and tricks fact sheet.
  • A professionally designed team promotional poster with room to include your own team’s details.
  • A professionally designed Facebook banner to promote your team’s page and your fundraising efforts.

How to purchase

If you’d like to take up this great offer, please contact Leah Heinrich at o2 Media (details below) and we’ll organise the rest.

About o2 Media

o2 Media is a boutique marketing, PR and design agency that prides itself on WOW service that delivers creativity and excellence with integrity. We are based in Warrnambool and have been a proud sponsor of Woody’s Murray to Moyne for several years.

Leah Heinrich

P | 0417 529 775
E | leah@o2media.com.au
W |www.o2media.com.au

Like o2 Media on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

The benefits of joining Bicycle Network

When you become a Bicycle Network member you’ll find they’re there to help when you need it most. Every time you ride you’ll be covered by the comprehensive cycling insurance designed specifically for bike riders and you’ll have access to their riders rights’ and legal support services - these are the main reasons most members sign up.

Their premium bike rider insurance policy provides cover in three very important ways; if you're injured, if you cause injury to someone else, and if you cause damage to someone else's property. Without all three you could be riding at risk.

Bicycle Network Members receive:

  • Comprehensive cycling insurance designed for bike riders
  • Riders' rights and legal support services
  • Subscription to Ride On magazine and Member Rewards
  • Help us improve riding conditions.

So if you love bike riding, go ahead and join today, you won’t look back.


Port Fairy M2M activities announced

While your family and friends are on the road, there will be plenty of fun holiday activities for M2M families and supporters, which include:


  • Community Market 
  • All ages fun run.

Sunday morning:

  • live music
  • free BBQ
  • cheering teams home
  • team photo opportunities
  • awards and medallion presentations.

Sale of bicycle trailer

12 bike trailer, asking $3750 (negotiable)

For more details:


O2 Media adds oxygen to ignite the mix

Major sponsor O2 media, return to help deliver powerful results through communications, design, social media for Woody’s Murray to Moyne.


Earlybird prize – luxury on the river

Register a minimum team of eight and pay by Friday 19 December and you will not only save $10 per team member but your team will also be in the running to win the Earybird prize.

Two nights (excluding peak periods) in the Shearwater Penthouse Apartment in Port Fairy. Spectacular views and luxury on the River Moyne, accommodating three couples or five singles. portfairyaccom.com.au The prize, valued at over $800 is generously offered by Hearns Port Fairy Accommodation.

PS you can use the prize as fundraiser to make more money for your charity.

Bonus offer “Rocks” to help you fundraise

This offer is designed to give teams a bonus prize you can use to raise more funds. The prize will go to a team drawn from all teams registered by Thursday 31 December, 2014.

This gives you three months to use the prize, eg auction, raffle or any other creative way you wish.

A two-night stay in Port Fairy at "Rockpool" overlooking Pea Soup Cove. Accommodating 6.

The prize is valued at over $500 and generously offered by Langley's Port Fairy Booking Service. holidayportfairy.com.au

Sunbeam snack in your packs

M2M welcomes Sunbeam Foods as a new sponsor providing wholesome snacks to keep your energy up on the ride and to make your breaks more tantalising


Escaping teachers spotted on the M2M

Clearly the M2M is not all about peddling and miles on the saddle…

“We make it a weekend away and include our partners. The benefits for us are great team building of staff across two campuses, satisfaction of team finish and presentations on Sunday, lots of fun with the lead-up events and top opportunities to meet other teams on the road.” - Charlie Hall & Geoff Small, Support Crew for Staff Team Wesley College,

If you are thinking about escaping contact Maggie, the M2M Co-Ordinator she can assist you with planning (and won’t tell anyone else).

Free entry for students challenge

The M2M is offering the opportunity to win free registration for a school team for this iconic event in March 2015. The emphasis is on health, exercise, team building and how fund raising can make a difference.

John Dovey, Support Crew for Student Team Melbourne High, “The M2M is a fantastic team building exercise without racing but building up techniques. It also offers the opportunity to raise funds – creating awareness of the needs of others.”

To register interest, schools need to contact Maggie, the M2M Co-Ordinator by Friday 31 October.

M2M celebrates 30 years in 2016

To celebrate we are planning to publish a special edition booklet celebrating the many heros of  past M2Ms and we'd love to hear from you!

We would like to include your anecdotes, photos, team bio, hero stories and how the funds raised have been used.

Some ideas include:

  • our heros
  • how many rides
  • life changing rides
  • us and our bike (that love hate relationship)
  • how we made a difference - which Health Services we have supported, how have the funds been used
  • impacts on team members, local community, others
  • the fun and the pain
  • classic photos 

Maximum 600 words plus photos for 2 A4 pages.

Send stories and digital images to M2M Co-ordinator Maggie Leutton,

Funds Raised by teams in 2014

Congratulations to the following teams, team managers, support crews and fund raisers:

  • Lorne Spinners raised $88,000 for the Lorne Hospital, led by Hugo Johnston
  • Warrnambool College Team raised $6,000 for South West Health - Children's Ward, led by Lester Campbell
  • Cyctotoxic Cyclists raised over $56,000 for the Royal Children Hospital Cancer Centre

2014 Earlybird Prize Winner - Warrnambool College

The team was first to be fully registered with all team members signed in. They then used the prize as a further fundraiser to bolster their funds raised for South West Health - Children's Ward.

The prize was two nights (excluding peak periods) in the Shearwater Penthouse Apartment on the Moyne River, generously offered by Hearns Port Fairy Accommodation. Valued over $800. Spectacular views and luxury on the River Moyne, accommodating 3 couples or 5 singles.

Ph: 03 5568 3150

2014 Fund Raising Prize Winner - Keith Cogstrippers

This Prize was drawn by the M2M Management Team for one rural remote Team to increase their fundraising opportunities.  This is an annual prize.

The 2014 prize was a two night accommodation package staying in "RockPool" overlooking the spectacular Pea Soup Cove in Port Fairy and generously donated by Langley's Holiday Accommodation Service and valued at $500. 

Ph: 03 5568 2899
Click for more information www.holidayportfairy.com.au

M2M Main-Stayer

One of the M2M main-stayers, Dr. Joe Perry of the Australian Catholic University Team, takes his M2M Team into its tenth year this year ... congratulations Joe!

Team Bio: Lorne Spinners

Team Bio: Lorne Spinners

Riding for Lorne Community Hospital

Jeremy Morris of Bendigo Bank, Janelle Bryce, CEO of the Lorne Hospital, and Hugo Johnston, team captain of the Lorne Spinners.
Last month, 20 locals aged between 18-70 joined forces to take part in the Murray to Moyne bike ride to raise funds for the Lorne Community Hospital.
Through a combination of local sponsors and some innovative fundraising, the Lorne Spinners, with major backer Anglesea and Winchelsea Community Bank branches of Bendigo Bank, were able to present a cheque of $33,300 to the hospital.
Lorne Spinners spokesperson and Murray to Moyne Team Captain, Hugo Johnston said participants have raised $92,000 in the past four years.
“This significant contribution has enabled Lorne Community Hospital to increase the resources it has to offer emergency and aged care, and to extend the work it does in addressing the health disadvantages faced by people living in Lorne and the surrounding district,” he said.
“A successful Rural Health project was established in 2011 using these raised funds. In 2012 we aim to continue this great project with the wellbeing of Lorne and Aireys P-12 school and families with young children in our district being our health promotion priorities.”
Mr Johnston said the Lorne Spinners cycled 520 kilometres from the Echuca, where they dipped their front wheels in the Murray River, to Port Fairy, where they dipped them in the Moyne River, in 24 hours.
Note:  Hugo shared the 2013 “Woody’s Murray to Moyne Memorial Award” with Clancy Hammond of Abbie’s Rainbow Ride. 
Hamish Brooks 9 June 2012, Surf Coast Times

Team Bio: Numurkah & District Health Service Team

Team Bio: Numurkah & District Health Service Team

Riding for Numurkah District Health Services (NDHS)

A small team of cyclists grouped together in support and recognition of Numurkah District Health Services (NDHS). 
In March 2012, the Numurkah Township was hit hard by floods, and as a result NDHS lost all acute care services. NDHS is an integral part of our local health care system and has shown strength and resilience following the recent flood disaster. Staff have remained committed to the community throughout the last 13 months, many were initially redeployed to external health care facilities to care for evacuated residents, and others redeployed to alternative departments within NDHS. Acute services staff worked from the Temporary Urgent Care Centre (Tent hospital – otherwise known as MASH 3636) until October 2012, when the Interim Urgent Care Centre was built. Whilst we feel we are gaining some form of ‘normality’ again we continue to look forward, and are eagerly awaiting a rebuild of NDHS Acute Care Services.   Many funds will be needed to allow us to equip the hospital with specialised technological equipment. It is with pride and pleasure our team aims to help.
“Team NDHS” 3636 – 2013 cycle team was led by  Trudi Rogers, together with Annie Padgett, Dean Rogers, Tony Parish, Michelle Dunne, Leigh Gregory, Scott Perry and Craig Rogers (support driver).
Our team of seven social riders (three who had never participated in a cycling event) had an enjoyable and most successful ride with an average cycle pace of 28kph and have committed to return to the challenge in 2014.
“Team NDHS” 3636 raised in excess of $4,000 to support NDHS – Acute services post flood appeal.
“Team NDHS” 3636 – would like to thank the Murray to Moyne organisers for such a professional and safely co-ordinated event.

Team Bio: Cyctotoxic Cyclists

Team Bio: Cyctotoxic Cyclists

Riding for the Children’s Cancer Centre Foundation

The team consisted of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, parents, patients and family friends of those associated with the Children’s Cancer Centre.
This is the 15th year that the Cytotoxic Cyclists have entered a team to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Centre Foundation (CCCF).  
In 2013 our aim is to raise at least $60,000.              
It is a fun weekend and a great opportunity for staff and families of the centre to work closely together while at the same time have fun.     
Funds raised in the past have been used to purchase some research equipment, to purchased some badly need equipment for the patients and families use that were outside of the centre’s allocated budget. One year the funds were used for a Surgical research nurse position to review and develop some nursing policies and procedures.
Dr Peter Downie, Oncologist at both the Royal Children’s and Monash Children’s  has done 10 of these rides and always says “IT IS MAGICAL.”
The Murray to Moyne is a sensational event, a great team effort raising funds for your chosen charity. For more information about the CCCF www.cccf.org.au 

Team Bio: “Rouse Rare Rumps” from Penshurst

Team Bio: “Rouse Rare Rumps” from Penshurst

Riding for Penshurst & District Health Service

After a very successful campaign in 2012, Penshurst again participated in the 2013 Murray to Moyne Cycling Relay Event.
Some familiar faces also returned for this year’s event Brenden Cottrill, riding for his 22nd time, from Penshurst, Andrew Thornton and Scott Grant from Geelong, David Linke as a support crew member for 18th time from Gazette, Jake Linke from Penshurst put his studies on hold for a weekend, Peter Ryan from Hawkesdale, Alastair Doull from Hamilton, Joy Lambourn from Glenthompson, Vivienne Bradley from Hawkesdale,  and we welcomed for the first time Judy Drane and Don Adamson both from Penshurst, Ken McMahon, and Rod Wright both from Geelong to our team. 
The weather was perfect for the event, and we made it back into Hamilton on the Saturday night by about 9.30pm, and Scott Grant at one stage calculated our average speed at 39km/hr. Otherwise, apart from an incident involving Tony Gurry, are campaign was incident free. 
I would like to thank the organisers of the M2M and their team of volunteers, all of our sponsors, riders, support crew,  our volunteers and Craig Richards, CEO Bicycle Network Victoria for being our guest speaker at our Presentation night held in June.  Who all helped to make the 2013 Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay Event for Penshurst so successful and rewarding?
Our team consisted of nine very fit riders; two of which were aged in their sixties, and a support crew of five. The riders trained very hard, at least twice per week. Our riders were Brenden Cottrill, Rod Wright, Jake Linke, Peter Ryan, Ken McMahon, Andrew Thornton, Alastair Doull, Scott Grant and Tony Gurry. Our support crew were David Linke, Vivienne Bradley, Joy Lambourn, Judy Drane and Don Adamson. 
My fondest memories are of the team riding together in full uniform from Penshurst to Port Fairy, at the end shaking hands with the Premier of Victoria, the excited look on Scott Grant’s face when he calculated that at one stage we had an average speed of 39km/hr and when David Linke was acknowledge for 18th participation in the Murray to Moyne for Penshurst.
In 2013, the total fund raised was an incredible amount of $19,500. Without the support of so many this would never have been achieved. From everyone at Penshurst and District Health 

Team Bio: Portland Aluminium Cycling Team

Team Bio: Portland Aluminium Cycling Team

Riding for Portland Health Service

We believe that 2013 makes it the twenty fourth (24) straight year that Portland Aluminium as team #43 has participated in the Woody’s Murray to Moyne, the team has gone through many changes over the years.
Two of our riders, Brendan McMahon & Ian Marshall, have participated in over twenty rides each.
2013 Portland Aluminium Cycling Team – Brendan McMahon, Ian Marshall, Andrew Brough, Colin Mowatt, Peter Bell, Paul Davey, Peter Chellis, Brett Creasey, Michael Leech, Geoff Trezise, David Malcolm, Trevor Meade, Det Sonnenschmidt.  Rider photo not in above order.

Team Bio: Clancy Saddles up for “Abbie”

Team Bio: Clancy Saddles up for “Abbie”

Abbie’s Rainbow Ride – Riding for Cystic Fibrosis

They were best friends.
Clancy hammond and Abbie Fennessy’s mothers had met when they were pregnant and the girls were always close. Clancy’s mother called them ‘soul mates.’  Abbie died in March last year after a lifelong struggle with cystic fibrosis.  She was 23 and had spent many days in hospital, Clancy often at her side.  “Well we’re basically inseparable,” Clancy stated.  “We did everything together, like each others shadow.  Everything Abbie did, I had to do, and vice-versa.”
Clancy holds Abbie up as her inspiration and her drive, having seen her fight her illness with a grin and much grace. “She was a trooper, incredible was the old Abs.”
After her death the Fennessy Family established the Abbie Fennessy Trust, to support people living with the illness.  Clancy’s desire to honour her friend and raise funds for the Trust led her to get together a team of cyclists to tackle the Murray to Moyne bike ride, taking the Echuca to Port Fairy route. Her father, Terry, who has operated a bike shop at Highett and has ridden in the event a few times joined the team as did Abbie’s mother.
Clancy set the wheels in motion by running a movie night in the Palace Dendy Brifghton which raised $1900.  Then came a trivia night at Sandringham Football Club, with businesses and residents donating goods, $16,000 was collected.  This allowed Clancy to start arranging the Ride, from booking hotels and the bus trailer to organising food. But six weeks out from the Murray to Moyne, Clancy took a spill on Balcombe Road, fracturing a collarbone.  She was devastated.  She knew immediately that she would be unable to ride for the team assemlbed, Abbie’s Rainbow Ride.  But she took the wheel of the “sag wagon.”
The team members rode in legs, each doing more than 300kms over the two days, taxing work that had them calling it Murray to the Groin.  Clancy joined in for the final 40kms – and Abbie’s family were there to greet her at the finish line.  It made for an emotional scene, as did Clancy’s shared win of the “Woody’s Murray to Moyne Medal” which recognises outstanding achievement.  Victorian Premier, Denis Napthine presented the Award named after Port Fairy cyclist Graham Woodrup, who was killed while training in 1992.  “It was the icing on the cake of such a great weekend,” Clancy said.
Finalising the figures, it looks the Ride will have raised $30,000.  Her family is proud.  But Clancy said she had done nothing remarkable.  The people who lived with cystic fibrosis and had to battle to do everyday things were “amazing.” “People like my Ab,” she said.
Note:  Hugo shared the 2013 “Woody’s Murray to Moyne Memorial Award” with Clancy Hammond of Abbie’s Rainbow Ride. 

Rider Profile: Kate Winnen

Rider Profile: Kate Winnen

What are your earliest memories of riding a bike?

"Probably doing the Great Victoria Bike Ride. I would have been about 15 when I first did that. Mum and Dad loved riding, so it was our annual family holiday for a few years."

What kind of bike are you riding now?

"An Orbea Diva, an Italian bike. It's very expensive, but a very nice top of the range racing bike. It's black with pink trim and a bit of a head-turner when I'm in a bunch. I don't ride it too many places without getting a comment."

How many M2M's have you participated in?

"I'd say I've riden at least 20 of the 25 M2M's. I was too young to do the first couple and missed two or three when I was pregnant or the girls were just new babies, but I've always been involved with the M2M one way or another. I'm also on the M2M Management Committee and enjoy the challenge of making the M2M better and safer every year."

Which team do you ride with?

"The Belfast Bikers - 1B"

Which Health Service does your team raise money for?

"Originally we raised money for Moyneyana House and then Belfast House for a few years, but now we raise money for Moyne Health Services, which incorporates both Moyneyana and Belfast Houses."

What other rides have you done?

"I've done lots of racing, all over Victoria; about 6 Great Victorian Bike Rides; Audax rides including the Alpine Classic and the Oppermann 24 Hour, which is quite a complex team event; The Tour Down Under - Community Challenge for the last 3 years; and the Port Fairy Cycling Club annual ride to Lorne at least 12 times. It's an epic, very hilly 240km journey. Dad actually started it as a training ride to lead into the racing season years ago, so we do it in April every year."

How often do you train?

"Five or six days week, weekdays at 6 in the morning and racing on the weekends, sometimes both days, but I rarely miss racing on Saturdays."

What do you enjoy most about the M2M?

"The team commeraderie is the best part and all the laughing. People sometimes ask me why I don't ride the full distance, but if you're out on the bike you can't hear what they're all saying about you and you miss out on all the fun on the bus."

What's your funniest memory of the M2M?

"There's a lot to choose from, its hard to think of one thing, but I guess it would be difficult to top the year I had to cope with the 'Battle of the Brothers-in-law'. I rode with Ronnie Hollingsworth and Mark McLaren that year, who are both very accomplished riders, and very competitive. It was exhausting trying to keep up with as they constantly challenged each other the whole time.

Ronnie also loves to sprint and has this sytem of using speed signs, mailboxes and change of road surfaces as markers to sprint to. He'll just yell out "mailbox" and it's on!

When Ronnie and I were riding on the Saturday night in to Hamilton, he was putting on the pace and thought he had burnt Mark off, but just as we were coming in to the showgrounds Mark appeared out of nowhere and sprinted past Ronnie through the gate. It was a very funny end to a long hard day of riding."