Murray to Moyne registrations update

Newsletter – December 2016

Early Bird Team Registrations Close 16 December

        Know the Ride Rules!

Registration Update:

Early Bird Team and participant Registrations Close,16 December 2016.  From this date the cost of a registration will increase by $10.00 ($5.00 for Sunday Striders) until the event closing date of 10 March 2017, so if you have not registered yet, please do so!!!

As at 7thDecember, we have 26 Teams registered, which is ahead of this time last year, so congratulations to all who are getting your teams off the ground and organised.

We have had a couple of phone calls asking why we have moved to a new registration system.  It’s important to note that we have moved to the new registration system to improve our efficiency and to reduce the paperwork required by Team Captains.  Most importantly it is a requirement of our insurers & police and emergency services that we have all participants sign off on the insurance indemnity and that they read and accept the rules of the ride.  In the past this was done at the commencement of the ride with individual pieces of paper, which are difficult to manage and keep for our records.

Team Captains and participants who have used the new system all report how easy it is and how well it monitors all your riders and supporters registration progress via emails.  We urge you to give it a go and we are confident you will be able to see the advantages for everyone.

Welcome to New Teams:

If you are new to the Murray to Moyne and would like some friendly advice on how to conduct your ride or advice on fundraising please give our Event Administrator, Lou, an email.  Lou can organise a very experienced M2M member to contact you and give you some practical and timely advice.  We have new teams from Vision Super, Ride4TaraJ; Creswick & Clunes CROCS, just to name a few.

Ride Rules Update:

  • Riders are reminded that lights MUST only be attached to your bike, not your helmet!  This is the road law.
  • Vehicles should only use low beam when in proximity of the ride and other teams. We have had many issues with drivers leaving their lights on high when parking on the side of the road or moving along the ride.  Please consider the other riders and support crews.  

Cycling Secrets:  This website clearly explains many cycling techniques and helpful hints:  Great for new teams / riders.

Cycling Secrets:

Cycling Secrets:

Cycling Secrets:

Cycling Secrets:

Welcome to our new Administrator!

Welcome to our new Administrator!
  • Event Administrator Appointed
  • Welcome to New Teams
  • Team Registrations Now Open

Murray to Moyne Event Administrator Appointed
We’re very happy to announce the appointment of Lou Hollis as our new Event Administrator! Lou is a lifelong resident of the Moyne district and after many years of working in banks and administration, she’s delighted to be the new M2M Administrator. Although she hasn’t ridden the M2M herself Lou is familiar with the ride as her husband has taken part a number of times. Lou said “I look forward to meeting you all during the course of your M2M adventures, both on and off the road, and wish you all safe training and great fundraising for your chosen health beneficiary.” If you have questions or need assistance Lou can be contacted on 0467 788 765 or via email at

We’re excited to welcome to the following new Teams for 2017

  • Ballarat M2M – riding for the Ballarat Community Health Centre
  • Maldon M2M - Team 007

The more people and teams get together, the greater the benefit to us all. Participants not only gain improved health and fitness but also the reward of doing something that benefits the whole community and provides, via fundraising, a tangible outcome in the form of improved service delivery for their nominated health agencies. Contact the M2M office if you have any specific questions about how the ride and fundraising activities operate.

Registration Process 2017.
Team Registrations: Team Captains will be required to register their team first and then themselves individually. It is a straight forward process and once “Approved”, all Team Captains will receive a special Login and Password. This will enable the Captain to send a link to all team members inviting them to register. The Team Captain will be able to manage team member registrations from this portal and see who has registered and who hasn’t – then send a friendly reminder to those in the latter category!

Team Member Registrations
Individual Team Members will be invited to register online once the Team Captain has completed the Team Registration. Your Team Captain will send you an Invitation email in the form of a link, (including Team Login and Password) in order to give you access to the Team Member Registration area. Note: All Team members will be required to accept the Rules of the Ride and be familiar with all this entails. We will send out an email version so the Team Captains can discuss the rules with all team members well before the event. The new registration process is simple and should help Team Captains and the Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay to improve our efficiency.

Reminders. Team Registration will Open/Close on the following dates via the Woody’s Murray to Moyne Cycling Relay Website.

  • Early Bird Registration: Open 7 November 2016 (Revised Date) Close 16 December 2016.
  • Normal Registration: Open 17 December 2017 Close 10 March 2017.

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Murrray to Moyne Registrations Update

Murrray to Moyne Registrations Update

Thankyou for your patience, our new Registration Website Portal will be up and running on Monday 7 November 2016.

We look forward to receiving your registration under the new system.

Our next newsletter will be posted here and sent via e-mail in the next week.

Business as Usual in 2017!

Business as Usual in 2017!

Woody’s Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay is Now Incorporated !
After 30 years, the iconic Woody’s Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay is undergoing one of its biggest changes, moving to an independent management structure. Following on from a community meeting held in April 2016, a community working group was established to guide the M2M into a new incorporated age and this occurred officially at the General Meeting conducted on Thursday 14 July.
The M2M Cycling Relay Committee was established with the Rules of Association being adopted along with the election of the first Committee of Management. Congratulations to the following who were elected as Office Bearers: John Clue, President; Hester Woodrup, Vice President; Kate Winnen, Secretary; Bernie Waixel, Treasurer, along with the following being elected as members of the Board: Charlie Blackwood; Peter Bollard; Jeff McLean, John Ralph; and Mike Cornett.
One of the first items of business for the new Committee has been to employ an Event Administrator, who will deal with the day to day operations of the M2M. The position was advertised on Saturday 3 September in the Warrnambool Standard and Interviews are currently being organised.

Key Points from the Woody’s Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay Rules of Association:
The purposes of the association are to raise funds for Moyne Health Services and facilitate fund raising for institutions across Victoria and to promote healthy lifestyles through cycling.
Therefore we encourage all past participants to start and get your teams organised in terms of riders and fundraising for your respective health related charities from across Victoria, SA, & NSW.

Key Dates:
Woody’s Murray to Moyne Cycling Relay will take place on Saturday 1 April and Sunday 2 April 2017.
Registration will Open / Close on the following dates: Online via the Woody’s Murray to Moyne Cycling Relay Website.

Early Bird Registrations Open 24 October 2016 (Registration Fee per participant = $100.00).
Early Bird Registrations Close: 16 December 2016.
Normal Registration Opens: 17 December 2017 (Registration Fee per participant =$110.00).
Normal Registration Closes: 10 March 2017.
Sunday Striders (Sunday 2 April – Hamilton to Port Fairy Only) Early Bird Registration Opens 17 October (Registration Fee per participant = $50.00).
Sunday Striders Early Bird Registration Closes 16 December 2016.
Sunday Striders Normal Registration Opens: 17 December 2017 (Registration Fee per participant = $55.00).
Sunday Striders Normal Registration Closes: 10 March 2017.

Team Captains and Participants:
Please note that all participants will register as an individual this year and be required to pay the Registration Fees online via a credit card. This change will reduce the amount of work required by Team Captains and streamline the registration process that requires each individual to agree to the required “Terms and Conditions“ of the cycle relay. More details will follow in the next newsletter.

Team Captains, when registering will identify team members, indicate how many riders, support crews and vehicles will be participating, along with the name and details of the health services you are raising funds for.

2016 M2M Award winners

2016 M2M Award winners

2016 Woody’s Memorial Award Winners

  • Mary McGowan
    Team Manager, Cytotoxic Cyclists riding for Children’s Cancer Foundation
  • Winston Silbereisen,
    Support Crew Manager, Daylesford Wheelsuckers riding for Hepburn Health Service

O2 Media, WIN Network and First State Super Awards in recognition of the exceptional behaviour as the Safest and Most Courteous Team on each route were:

  • Echuca – Devondalers from Koroit
  • Swan Hill – Lorne Spinners
  • Mildura – Scrubbers & the Gasman from Warrnambool

Rapid Relief Team Award for the overall outstanding Support Crew on the 2016 M2M Ride was awarded to Casterton Memorial Hospital


Photo: Hester Woodrup presents Mary McGowan with her award


M2M gears up for new future

M2M gears up for new future
The iconic Murray to Moyne Cycling Relay is gearing up for a new and more independent future.
As it makes final preparations for the 30th annual relay, the management team is establishing a new management structure to steer the event forward.
Moyne Health Services Board chair Ralph Leutton said that since its inception, the event had been run under the auspices of Moyne Health Services.
There were now plans for the committee to incorporate under its own entity to ensure the future viability of one of Victoria’s most popular cycling events.
“Over the years, Murray to Moyne has become a much bigger and more complex beast,” Mr Leutton said.
“It really needs the expertise and the focus of a professional organisation to oversee things.”
Mr Leutton said that whilst Moyne Health Services was and would continue to be a proud supporter of the event, its core business was providing health services to its communities.
“We’re great at delivering quality health care, but we’re not event managers with the skills and expertise to plan and deliver an event of this calibre.”
Mr Leutton acknowledged the value of Murray to Moyne as an important fundraiser, not only for Moyne Health Services, but for other health services across Victoria.
“During its 30 years, Murray to Moyne has raised in the order of $30 million for regional health services – that’s an extraordinary achievement.”
Murray to Moyne Committee Chair John Clue said his colleagues and the many volunteers behind the event were excited about this year’s 30th anniversary ride and its future directions.
“This year, we see many teams returning to the event to join the 30th celebrations,” Mr Clue said.
“The event has provided the opportunity for both large and small health service organisations to raise much-needed funds and contribute to the wellbeing of many people who have undertaken the challenge either as a rider or part of the support teams.”
‘Woody’s’ Murray to Moyne was established 30 years ago when Port Fairy local, Hester Woodrup, challenged her husband, Graham ‘Woody’ Woodrup and other local identities to ride in relay from the Murray River in Mildura to the Moyne River in Port Fairy.
The first ride raised $10,000 for the Port Fairy hospital.
Today, the event raises around $1 million annually, attracting more than 1000 riders from 150 organisations to raise funds for hospitals and health services.
Mr Clue said the new management structure would enable the organising committee to operate as an incorporated body.
He praised the hard work of the existing committee, noting that a meeting would be held in the coming months to outline the new structure and provide opportunity for community members to join the new management team.
“We acknowledge the assistance of Moyne Health Services in securing the requirements needed for the event, and hope Murray to Moyne will move from strength to strength into the future,” Mr Clue said.
Media contact: 
John Clue 
Murray to Moyne Committee Chair 
Mo: 0403 447 646

Company supports Team TR to ride M2M

Company supports Team TR to ride M2M
Team TR has been riding the Murray to Moyne Cycle ride since the year 2000 – that makes a total of 16 years this year.  
In this time we have lost one of our members “Russell Patrick” the engineer who created our wonderful Bike Rack.  We thought of not riding the year he was killed but all his friends said that he would have wanted us to ride in his memory, which of course we did.  
Team TR originated from the Tech Rentals Company (rentals of test and measurement equipment since 1978 and is now known as TR Pty Ltd which has three main divisions with 
offices Australia wide: 
  1. Tech Rentals – Test & measurement equipment rentals – 
  2. TR Hirecom – Communications equipment rentals and 
  3. TR Calibration – NATA & traceable calibration of test & measurement equipment.  
We originally rode as team 210 and wore yellow and red colours. Our riders consisted mostly of staff in the Company as well as some of our customers.  We then found our numbers were dwindling so the Cadbury team joined forces with us and we rode in the blue 
and red colours.
We now ride in our new company colours of blue and white and we are back to staff members, some customers and also family. i.e. Joan Carter (mum) Danny Carter (son) and Hayden Benwell (grandson) – How good is that!!  This epitomises what Woody was all about!!
The CEO of our Company has encouraged staff members interested in riding by offering to pay for their entry into the Murray to Moyne each year.  The Company also covers cost of petrol and food and transport support which has been invaluable.  Our staff fundraising over these years has reached over $50,000 and the Eastern Health hospitals have been extremely grateful and supportive of our efforts.
The Murray to Moyne volunteers over these years have been excellent.  This event could not 
happen without them – thank you to you all.

Rotary Revolution spins for 20th year

Rotary Revolution spins for 20th year

Many Rotary Clubs sponsor cycling teams or cycling events and, increasingly, even organise events as fundraisers.  Few clubs can boast of having their own team of club member riders who have ridden as a team for close on 20 years. In the process this has involved, at various times, about 30% of the current members of the Rotary Club. Meet the Irymple “Rotary Revolution” Bike Riding Team! 

It all started in 1997 when one of our club Rotarians suggested we participate in the “Murray to Moyne.”  It would be good to get Rotary away from being seen the “old sedentary men and their fathers” club. So in 1997 we started the legend…and this year the team participates in its 20th consecutive Murray to Moyne event; in the process raising over $60,000 for health related (mainly) local charities.

But we didn’t stop at 1999 another relay ride commenced...from Mildura to Echuca...400 kms. The team jumped at this opportunity also and have participated in every event since. We also participate in any local riding events. 

In fact, such has the “active” team image grown that we have participated as a team in other non-riding events as well...the MS 24 hour Swim-a-thon, the Relay for Life walk and local community triathlons. In 2013 we decided to emulate an event put on by a number of Rotary Districts and ride (all the way) to our Annual Rotary District Conference...that year 5 members rode to Warrnambool over 500 kms, the next year it was Ballarat 440 kms, this year Renmark…and so it goes...each year taking about $1,000 for Australian Rotary Health.

The club has had many stalwarts...the current team coordinator riding in his 20th event this year, three others have participated in at least 14 events and let's not forget the bus driver who is up for more than 10 events.

Lets face it, we are not elite riders…with an average age of about 60+, we are a little on the slow side by comparison to the “30 to 40 something” lycra clad warrior.

We still train every Sunday morning with a ride of between 45 and 60 kms and we have participated in other local events and out-of-town social rides on hybrids and mountain bikes. 

In 2011, eight members of the team rode all the way from Mildura to Adelaide to celebrate the 65th birthday of one of its founding members. In earlier years we swapped our road bikes for mountain bikes and rode from Broken Hill to Mildura via Menindee and Pooncarrie, we also rode the Mountains to the Murray (Bright/Beechworth to Wangaratta) and East Gippsland Rail Trails! One member even joined the “Great Australian Rotary Bicycle Ride” in 2009 and rode the 4000 km from Darwin to Perth.

Some team members are now ageing (well…of course, like quality wine) but hopefully there will always be an influx of new blood and new enthusiasm so that the team will continue to be an inspiration to all men and women of all ages for another 20 years! Rotary Revolution just keeps on going!

Photo: Irymple “Rotary Revolution” Bike Riding Team 

MG Devondalers support CERT for 6th year

MG Devondalers support CERT for 6th year

The Murray Goulburn Koroit team, known as the MG Devondalers, started in 2011 with the aim to help the local community, and stay healthy at work.

The idea of entering the Murray to Moyne came from the highly successful Koroit MG Health Group which promotes health initiatives across the factory site and within the Koroit community.

The team consisted of a majority of ‘first-time riders’ and the focus was about being inclusive and raising the fitness/health of the whole group (and having some fun along the way).

We have been able to encourage riders from across the factory, including our site manager, and last year we adopted the Hawkesdale Secondary College students as they had been trying to enter a team for the previous couple of years.

In helping the community the MG Devondalers support local CERT groups.

“Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) consist of ambulance volunteers who function as ‘first responders’ within communities where the nearest ambulance branch is at a distanceThe ‘Hawkesdale CERT’ was founded after a local dairy farmer was seriously injured and had to wait over 45 min for urgent medical attention.

As a group we decided to fundraise for this cause as it’s such an important service to the local community and our tanker drivers and farmers can be in these situations, requiring assistance if an accident occurs. We support the three local CERT groups - Hawkesdale, Nullawarre and Port Campbell.

The team fundraises during the year with BBQs and raffles at the factory and a major raffle that all CERT groups assist with selling tickets. The total raised for the local groups over the four years is nearly $30,000 which has been used to assist CERT Group members to attend training and group meetings.

We have been fortunate that many of the service providers to Murray Goulburn understand the importance of the CERT groups and donate to the cause.

We are proud to support the efforts of the Murray to Moyne organisation and congratulate everyone involved for the 30 years of riding and fundraising (and having fun).